Pelaez Renovables was established in 2006 with the aim of giving value to our local natural resources, specifically our sea of olive groves. We give value to the key by-product of the olive oil industry.

Our company is the result of years of studies and investigation, and the dream of giving added value to the olive farming community in Jaen, and participating in the energy and environmental revolution. We took on this challenge with our province’s resources in mind, environmental concerns, sustainability and job creation, so necessary in these times.

We have learnt from our infant market that not all biomass is suitable for combustion and heat generation. Modern appliances are more and more advanced and demand an ever-higher quality of fuel. Some biomass fuels can damage these appliances. Piropel is ideally suited for combustion in all types of appliances.

Pelaez Renovables S.L. has received a grant from the European Union through the Fund for Regional Development, part of the Andalusian Programme for the Development of Sustainable Energy 2017-2020.